Commercial Espresso Machines

An Option with multiple advantages

automatic espresso machine

Marcfi product range is rather impressive, as it manufactures every possible existing variation on an espresso machine from lever to fully automatic systems, regular extraction and hydraulic, in 1, 2, 3, and 4 serving groups.
Marcfi offers you a customized solution to your espresso coffee needs.

• Gold inox body.
• Cappuccino kit.
• Security thermostat for power resistance.


Coffee Grinder MD Series

for Professionals.

Coffee Grinder

Dosing grinder with a powerful engine with capacity for grinding coffee of 14 kg/h..

•1.300 r.p.m.
•Capacity: 1.600(gr)
•Aluminium coffee presser.

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Thermo 6 - 12 L

Always hot, always clean


•Stainless steel.
•Automatic temperature control.
•Electric heating.
•Always clean.
• Ideally suited for: Milk,Chocolate,Consommé,Coffee, Tea, etc.

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