Maquinaria Pinar: A Solid Company

1964 espresso machine
1964 Model


Espresso coffee machines manufacturer Maquinaria Pinar was founded in 1957. It is a company dedicated to development, manufacturing and sale of the popular Marcfi coffee machines, as well as coffee grinders and other catering and bar equipment.

Since the year Maquinaria Pinar started manufacturing Marcfi Commercial coffee machines, we have accompanied the growth of the espresso world in Spain, becoming a reference brand on the Spanish market over the years. Thus, we developed the lever espresso machines, the hydraulic, the temporised, the continuous irrigation semiautomatic and the continuous irrigation model with electronic dosage which we pioneered.

With the establishment of other brads of national and foreign manufacturers, Maquinaria Pinar developed new coffee making machines in line with the spearhead technology of the sector to consolidate its position. This corporate philosophy continues to be the benchmark for the new models that appear in our catalogue

At present, and due to that policy, Maquinaria Pinar has made a formal undertaking through a Total Quality scheme covering all the departments of the company.

The evolution of the national and foreign espresso machine markets has shown us the importance of a good after-sale service to create a brand on the national and overseas markets. Maquinaria Pinar is committed to ongoing training of the distributors that represent it in the relevant countries, through custom-created courses and documentation.

Maquinaria Pinar has been characterised by its bond with "coffee", the origin and sustenance of our industry, through collaboration and continuous advice from professionals in the world of coffee.

Research and Development

Maquinaria Pinar applies the most advanced technology to development of its products. The Technical and Production departments work continuously on different projects, as well as on research and setting up of new materials and production technologies.

Research and development is part of a continuous process, where trends and satisfying the needs of the different markets are the key to triumph with the appropriate product at each moment.

New designs, materials, components and mechanisms are analysed prior to their use, are tested and tried to guarantee their correct operation.


Maquinaria Pinar has always been distinguished for maintaining its manufacturing control , to which end it has become involved through its highly qualified professionals in the manufacturing of the different and multiple components that form the espresso coffee machine. That has allowed us to control and assure quality, from the raw materials to the finished product, including all the intermediate processes.

The diverse markets we are present on requires a flexible production system. One may affirm that Maquinaria Pinar is self-sufficient in almost all its resources, from cutting work, folding, die cutting, welding, machining, assembly and quality control.

Agility in responding to the different needs of the market and even to customise the products has always been one of our competitive advantages.


Since it was founded, manufacturing quality coffee machines was one of the main objectives in the Maquinaria Pinar strategy and one of the pillars on which it has based its growth on the national and overseas markets.

It has a total quality system, that is, it consists of designing and manufacturing products that fulfil the requisites of the customers on the national and overseas markets, a process that involves all the departments of the company.

The quality system is adapted to the requisites of ISO 9001:2000 and it has TÜV 12 100 21038 TMS certification.

The products are manufactured in compliance with the requisites of directives 89/392/EC, 73/23/EEC, 93/68/EEC and 97/23/EC so we have the EC Declaration of Conformity mark.

We are now in the final phase of the endorsement process to obtain the health NSF and electrical UL certifications.


Maquinaria Pinar was aware that the new global economic setting makes internationalisation a competitive factor and began its international career in the eighties.

As globalisation has advanced in all the sectors of the economy, Maquinaria Pinar has progressively developed its internationalisation strategy to achieve its objectives, bearing in mind that globalisation proposes a sole market: the world. We are now present on the five continents through coffee distributors and roasters who commercialise our machines and provide technical service on the relevant markets.

Over the years, we have modified our commercial espresso machines to satisfy the needs of the different international markets. We are now working firmly on an international strategy based on resorting to more markets and on consolidation on the coffee consuming markets, through a policy of product customisation and quality in service and human relations.