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Semiautomatic Coffee Espresso Machines

Marcfi M990 E

Gold body espresso machine Fine Gold inox body

Semiautomatic irrigation coffee machines with electrovalve and switch.
Available in 2, 3 and 4 groups models.

Gold inox body.
• Cappuccino kit.
• Security thermostat for power resistance.
• Gas powered kit.
• 1 group model.
• Automatic filling boiler.


An Option with multiple advantages

Professional Espresso Coffee

semiautomatic espresso machine Stainless Steel M990 E

Our Semiautomatic espresso coffee machines features:

• Electronic boiler.
• Boiler security valve.
• 3-position main switch (stop, maintenance and full power).
• Warning lamp connection led.
• Boiler pressure manometer.
• Rotating motorpump with pressure manometer.
• Water diffuser and heating protector.
• Two multidirectional steel steam spuots with heating protector.
• Switch operated extensible hot water spout.
• Water spout for manual emptying of the boiler.
• Manual spout to interrupt the automatic filling boiler.
• Anti-vacuum valve to prevent any accidental liquid aspiration by the atomizer.
• Boiler and hydraulic circuit in copper 99.5Cu .
• Groups in hot forged brass OT 58.
• Stainless steel body.
semiautomatic espresso machine